Invoice Pro
Invoice Pro

Tailor-made matrix structure.

Brieftab allows you the creation of a tailor-made matrix structure with zones, categories and documents e.g. you want all your technicians to have the latest technical sheet ? Place it in the right category and share. 


Your information just in time.

We connect your mobile device with your central document repository. No delays, immediate response and availability. We don’t beat around the bush. Impeccable speed and reliability included. 


Always the latest document at hand.

Our system makes sure that you have the latest version at all times. Once uploaded, all documents will be available. You have a new member in your team? Provide all necessary documents swiftly and promptly. 


Make it personal!

Creating your own structure is applicable for all. Every user has my documents available where you have all your info that is essential for you. Create favorites amongst all your documents, although they belong to different categories.  



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